5000, 1000, 12000, 15000, 20000 and customize also available

  • Temperature ranges from ‐ 20℃C to 8℃C with accuracy and uniformity of 1OC
  • Pre‐fabricated, insulated, metal laminated panels best suited for freezing and chilling with PUF insulation.
  • Pre‐Painted Galvanized Steel (304) or Stainless Steel (SS) metal laminate
  • Pre‐fabricated, insulated doors with great features, `D'‐handle, door lock, and hinges in SS 304
  • Heaters on door leaf and frame
  • Audio alarm for `door‐open' condition
  • Lock defeat mechanism & Positive seal mechanism for all door types to avoid cold air loss
  • Wall‐to‐wall, wall‐to‐celing and wall‐to‐floor coving available.
  • Cornice cups to ensure three‐dimensional integration at the corners of the cold room
  • Cold rooms come fitted with shatter‐proof polycarbonate cover glass, which is professionally designed
  • Weather‐proof switches, where required, Embedded conduit for wiring, Safety devices like relays, SPPs, and timers
  • Alarm annuciators, Gas leakage detector
  • Air‐cooled or water‐cooled condensation systems
  • High efficiency evaporators with auto defrost and hot gas defrost.
  • Safety systems like high and low pressure cutouts, microprocessor‐based thermo controls.
  • Drain‐tray and drain‐pipe heaters.
  • Humidification systems with indicators and controllers.
  • Pressure relief valves for freezer rooms.