• The range of laminar air flow ceilings ensures ef¬ficient protection against contamination which can occur during invasive acts and caused by airborne dead or living particles.
  • Air speed: 0.25 m/s to 0.50 m/s
  • The ceilings are available in square, rectangular, octagonal or circular shapes in order to suit any room layout and answer specific requirements to create a clean zone.
  • Our laminar flow ceilings are mainly used with our de‐ contaminantion air Handling Unit, but can be also adapted to any type of products from a different brand.
  • Easy installation and filters replacement, adaptable with all types of Air Handling Unit
  • Horizontal filter integrated to LAF, air diffusion through metal grill or stretch fabric and initial pressure drop 100 Pa @ 0.25m/s
  • Air diffusion through metal grill or stretch fabric, stretch fabric, sideway filtration, double stretch fabric.
  • Lateral duct connections.
  • H14 (HEPA) filtration (ULPA 15 optional).
  • Pressure tap to measure pressure drop.
  • Possibility to add the Bio oxygen system: bactericide, fungicide, virucide action (option).
  • Transparent anti‐induction lateral apron.
  • LED or standard lighting.
  • Aluminium frame with seal at air supply