UV‐oxidation and measurement of conductivity differential this method eliminates the need for reagents and carrier gases and delivers an accurate measurement at low concentrations.

  • Temperature conditions of sample 5 C to 99 C and O O ambient temperature of 5 C to 40 C with humidity of 85% or lower
  • Structure : Protection IP43‐Paint color 5PB8/1; Epoxy coating (indoor‐use panel installation type).
  • The embedded " Debubbler" eliminates the influence of Bubble s in production systems and guarantees a stable measurement.
  • Display LCD with back light, Display content (TOC concentration, conductivity, temperature, alarm).
  • Maintenance only consists of annual UV‐lamp exchange and annual calibration. Possible to install on a pole, wall or desktop.
  • Measuring range of TOC from 0 to 1000 ppbc ( Measuring range : 0 to 100 / 500 / 1000 ppbC)
  • Repeatability within ± 2% of the full scale.
  • Analog output Number of input point 1, analog output 1, contact output 2,
  • Output contents : selectable between TOC concentration , Temperature, Conductivity, Hold, and Error
  • SCADA software is provided, operation is reversed when hold or error is selected